50 lb bag organic animal feed supplement

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During the cleaning process, our organic wheat kernels are first separated from the weed seeds and smallest kernels.  We sell that as chicken scratch.  The larger kernels, although not large enough to meet the 60lb per bushel USDA standard for test weight, are blown out of the cleaner and bagged up for sale as animal feed.  Naturally, we test it for toxins just as we test our food grade wheat.  If you raise hogs, this is a great organic feed supplement for them.  We add absolutely nothing - it's just certified organic wheat kernels at a much lower price than the higher grade wheat we sell to bakers.

This product should be ground to 700-900 microns (or broken into 5-6 pieces per kernel) prior to feeding to hogs.

And although we believe cows and all other ruminants should be raised on pasture, this is a nice treat that they love...