About Our Farm

Greater Richmond Grains is a family owned and operated certified organic small grain business that grows, cleans and ships small grains from here at Grassland Farm where we live.  In the early 1940s Pete's grandparents had dairy cows, a milking parlor, and sheep here on the farm.  After they retired, neighbors leased the cropland until the USDA offered inclusion in the Conservation Reserve Program in the 1980s.  The farm sat idle for thirty three years.  Now, Grassland is again in full production growing small grains organically for local bakers and brewers.

In addition to the 100 acres of cropland that produces grain for Greater Richmond Grains, Grassland Farm grows timber on an additional 150 acres.  The entire farm was placed in a permanent conservation easement in 2017, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Forestry.  We're also a dedicated wildlife sanctuary!